Zhao Hong Chun

General Manager

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Mr. Zhao Hongchun joined the company in 2002, starting from the most basic employee. Knows the company's entire product process and manage essentials.

  • Over 10 years export experience, have a good understanding of LED industry foreign markets.
  • More than 8 years experience on Alibaba and other B2B e-commerce business.
  • Abundant domestic and foreign sales skills.

Feng Xia

Chief Financial Officer

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Ms. Feng  Xia joined in the company in 2003.Worked at the company's purchasing department and finance department.

  • Graduated from Henan University of Technology. Bachelor degree, majored in accounting, finance management.
  • More than eight years of extensive financial management experience.
  • Knows very well on the materials raw cost of LED products.
  • Rich purchasing experience and good emergency handling capability.

Zhao Cai Yun

Chief Customer Officer

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Ms. Zhao Caiyun joined in the company in 2007. Now acts as sales manager of international and domestic market who has great resources in LED Gift & Toys field.

  • Knows very well about the product process.
  • Rich experience of international sales management.
  • Good ability of responding to problems and emergency.

Cao Guo Wei

Chief Technology Officer

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Mr. Cao Guowei joined in the company in 2010. Took the position of Leader in R&D department.

  • Over 5 years electronic developing experience.
  • Proficient in a variety of software development and hardware debugging.
  • Have a good command of production technology.
  • Abundant troubleshooting experience.
  • Designed over 10 patent products till now.

Li Yong

Chief Production Officer

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Mr. Li Yong joined in the company in 2010. Acting as the manager of production department.

  • Over 10 years electronic products producing experience.
  • Keep exploring unique and innovative management concepts under the new situation. Coordinating the production team to work efficiently.
  • Rich and unique experience in material management.