Certification and Software

Product Certification

We offer the latest products certification as following, others certification,please contact our sales team.

2016 Year

Latest LED Bracelet CPSIA Certification:

Latest Weight Sensitive LED Coaster Certification:

Latest Sound Activated LED Sunglasses Certification:

Latest Handheld LED Fan Certification:

Latest LED Magic Stick Certification:

Latest LED Silicone Bracelet Certification:

Latest Sound Activated LED Shutter Shades Certification:

Latest LED Bottle Sticker Certification:

2014 Year

Latest LED Balloon Certification:

  • CE (2014/09/10 updated)
  • RoHS (2014/09/10 updated)

Latest LED Hawaii Necklace Certification:

Latest LED Remote Controlled LED Submersible Lights Certification:

  • CE (2014/08/22 updated)
  • RoHS (2014/08/22 updated)
  • EMC (2014/08/22 updated)

Latest Ice Cube Certification:

2013 Year

Latest USB LED Fan Certification:

Latest LED Flower Lycra Certification:

Software Download

Remark: the following software is suitable for GF product only

Programmable LED Message Fan Software    Download Now